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Network Infrastructure and System Functional Administrator

Tampa, FL · Information Technology

Job Title:
Network Infrastructure and System Functional Administrator

Company Description
Smarthost Design Technologies (SHD Technologies) is an SBA 8(a)-certified small business and a leader in providing fast, reliable, highly responsive, onsite, client focus and cost-effective technology solution to commercial, and government customers; helping them solve their daily technology challenges. We provide Services oriented Project Management, Help Desk Support, Manage IT Services, Network Administration and Design, Cyber Security Solutions, Big Data Analytics, Database Administration, Backup & Disaster Recover Solutions and Cloud Computing solution. As fast-growing IT leader in the industry, this opportunity is here for you to grow, and be part of the best in class, where there are no limits but room to grow with us as a company. We invite to join us on the quest to be the best IT Solution provider in our Industry.

This Job Description
The contractor must have demonstrated extensive knowledge, competencies, technical skills, and abilities to support the configuration, maintenance and operations of network infrastructure and functional systems components, hardware and software on a large Military Treatment Facility campus. The contractor shall be professionally certified in a related discipline and maintain currency on new technologies and/or applications to support 6 MDG information technology operations, requirements and systems integration. Contract personnel must communicate effectively, both verbally and written in English, and demonstrated ability to lift up to 40 pounds. Contract personnel may be required to travel to 6 MDG and/or partner facilities via privately owned conveyance as part of official duties.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Install, configure and manage switches, routers, wireless access points and other network infrastructure equipment. The contractor shall maintain and update routing tables, operating systems, security patches, and upgrades ensuring 99% network up-time during normal business hours.
  • Manage and control network Internet Protocol ranges and scopes.
  • Provide technical guidance for directing and monitoring information systems operations.
    • Design, test, install, document and support network systems, including LAN/MAN/WAN systems.
  • Compile and maintain records, reports and change management logs concerning network maintenance.
  • Troubleshoot network performance issues. Analyze network traffic and provide capacity planning solutions.
  • Monitor and respond to facility hardware and software problems. Interface with vendor support service groups to ensure proper escalation during outages or periods of degraded system performance. Elevate issues to the government lead for support at a Program Management Office level.
  • Perform system-level design and configuration of products including determination of hardware, operating system and other platform specifications.
  • Plan large-scale systems projects through vendor comparison and cost studies.
  • Perform a variety of systems engineering tasks and activities that are broad in nature and are concerned with major systems design, integration, and implementation, including, hardware, software, budgetary, and support facilities and/or equipment.
  • Provide quality assurance review and the evaluation of new and existing software products.
  • Perform network and systems operations activities, including computer and telecommunications/communications operations, data control, LAN/MAN/WAN administration and operations support, operating systems programming, system security policy procedures, and/or strategy and operations.
  • Provide input to government lead on policy level discussions regarding standards and budget constraints.
  • Perform complex operations that involve two or more additional functions such as, but not limited to, network operations, systems security, systems software support, and production support activities.
  • Respond and monitor priority requests and critical outages effecting hardware, software, or network problems within 15 minutes of identification. Will resolve priority requests
    and critical outages within 2 hours, priority workorders within 1 duty day and routine workorders within 3 duty days.
  • Provide routine testing and analysis of all elements of the network facilities (including power, software, communications machinery, lines, modems, and terminals).
  • Utilize software and hardware tools to identify and diagnose complex problems and factors affecting network performance.
  • Troubleshoot network systems when necessary and makes improvements to the network.
  • Manage physical and virtual servers, performs log analysis, error detection, fault correction, backups, restores, startup and shutdown of systems as required. Build, configure, patch and upgrade servers, operating systems and applications.
  • Develop and maintain daily, weekly and monthly scheduled network component and Functional System backups. Restore data to support systems and data recovery due to hardware, software or user error.
  • Control and monitor user access to access to the 6 MDG computing environment.
    Add, delete, and modify user access to network resources. Manage account profiles, permissions and access to resources.
  • Support connectivity of other systems to networks and troubleshoot connectivity problems.
  • Test and integrate system modifications and upgrades to ensure compatibility.
  • Maintain and monitor system resource utilization (disk configuration, available storage, memory, central processing units) and recommend changes to improve performance.
  • Perform system evaluations and certifications as required.
  • Maintain compliance with all applicable Maintenance Task Orders, Computer Emergency Response Team notifications, Security Technical Implementation Guidance instructions and Time Compliance Network Orders. Ensure an average monthly vulnerability index of no more than “3” for each network infrastructure component, functional server, system as measured by ACAS or downward directed measurement tool.
  • Perform operating system and application upgrades and security patches after 6 MDG duty hours so as not to cause disruption to the delivery of healthcare.
  • Perform daily on-site status assessments of all responsible network infrastructure components and functional systems health and operability prior to the start of the 6 MDG duty day (0700). Troubleshoot and make appropriate notifications and assistance requests (i.e., workorder) for network infrastructure components and functional systems in a degraded state following 6 MDG directions and processes.
  • Utilize the MTF’s automated management tools (DHA ServiceNow & AFNET Remedy) to record, troubleshoot, refer, solve and close customer requests for assistance.
Software & Hardware
  • MS Windows Operating System
  • network components (routers, switches, wireless access points, cabling, etc.)
  • clinical and business applications and systems (stand-alone servers, virtual servers, Storage Area Networks, etc.) in a primarily MS Windows Operating System environment.
  • Windows 7/Windows 10
  • monitors and display devices, printers, scanners and multi-function devices and a sundry of office automation, clinical and business applications and systems
  • Nutanix and NetApps Storage Area Networks, Microsoft SQL Server, Server Virtualization and RightFax Server.
  • Radiology Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS), Optifill Pharmacy Refill System, Pharmacy Dispensing System (PharmAssist), GSL Pharmacy Dispensing System, Pyxis Pharmacy Dispensing Station, Dental Radiology Picture Archive and Communication System, AudioCare Patient Notification System, and Digital Voice Fusion Dictation System.
Required Certification and Experience
  • CompTIA Security + (Required)
  • 2 yrs. hands-on experience with services desk & IT work similar to scope
  • Other certification are encourage (Compliant A+, MS Certified Desktop Support Technician)
Operation Hours at Customer site
  • 9-hour period including a 1-hour lunch break between the hours of 06:30 AM and 5:00 PM 
 Submission Requirement:
Please submit your resume with a cover letter stating your income requirement.
Head hunter/staffing agency No phone call please

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